Matik stands for Music Is All That I Know.

When growing up Matik was very musical hearing old school music from his pops' Camaro and making his first record at home with Engineer and Producer Ampz, his brother. He was always into writing and his imagination ran deep. From being the top performer at his elementary school in the inner city to becoming a well renowned artist he’s able to switch styles and create different vibes and waves to ride too.

With that scorpio aura, he uses his life experiences and implements them into his art. 4szns his brand and he says it is a way of life. There are 4szns in a year. It took him a full a year to get his life together and completely focused on music. "It should only take 4szns" he says "to make a million, to make a dream come true, to change your hustle, to make things happen."

He is also co founder in a brand called CBG "Chosen By God" that he created with a cousin/friend named Eli. They’ve been on this journey for a while now and they have more music than Tupac so they say. Matik is deeply focused and ready to release new material. He says he has music for the MASSES !!